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Equinox Laser Tag is a company that was designed to bring people together in the spirit of a good time. We are laser tag specialists because that is all we do. Equinox Laser Tag is a laser tag company that specializes in indoor laser tag, outdoor laser tag, mobile laser tag, and tactical laser tag in San Diego. Equinox Laser Tag is the right choice if you want to have the best laser tag experience...

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Poway Laser Tag offers top rated and professional Laser Tag in Lemon Grove. [Read More]

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    Indoor, Outdoor, Mobile & Tactical Laser Tag, Birthday/Special Events
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    Equinox Battle Gear

Laser Tag Tips

Laser Tag Tips

Poway Laser Tag provides detailed tips and information on the most frequently asked questions to help you make the right choice. [Laser Tag ]

Poway Laser Tag | Indoor Laser Tag, Outdoor Laser Tag, And More!

At Poway Laser Tag, we are all about showing our guests a good time. Whether you are playing laser tag with just one friend or you want to plan a group party, we can accommodate your request here at Poway Laser Tag.

When you and your friends get to Poway Laser Tag, be prepared for hours of fun as you run and shoot at each other with the best laser gun equipment! The best part is the matches take place in a dark room full of mazes and obstacle courses. Many of our guests embrace the competitive spirit of laser tag and come dressed in black so their opponents can't see them very easily. At Poway Laser Tag, we enforce a few rules to ensure everyone's safety. We do not allow guests to wear open-toed shoes. This rule is to prevent injury if something is dropped on the player's feet. We also require proper clothing, such as a full shirt and pair of pants or shorts. Halter tops are not permitted. Parents are responsible for their children at all times. If children are attending Poway Laser Tag without a parent present, we require a waiver of responsibility before admitting them.

We encourage our guests to learn as much as possible about laser tag before coming to our facility for the first time. All guests wear sensors on a body vest or headband, and this is where opponents should aim. When the laser strikes a sensor, the person making the shot is awarded with a hit. We post recommended combat moves on signs that customers can read before entering the playing area. Our computer system determines the number of lives each player has before the laser tag game starts. When all lives have been lost, we expect players to be courteous and leave the playing area so more guests can enjoy the experience.